Casual stroll in the park and “Dead poets society”


I’m a little unable to write this post properly and that’s because I just finished watching “Dead poets society” and oh, boy… Didn’t it touch all my sensitive cords! I truly didn’t expect it to be so emotional, nor to have such powerful scenes in such a painful and heartbreaking way. I am so moved right now I can hardly write these lines, but I have to do it – so might as well be sincere. So thank you, “Dead poets society”, for making my night a numb one, as now I am trying to recover from your wonderful emotional roller coaster. You’ve been a great movie, and I’ll make sure that next we’ll meet, I’ll bring a notebook and a pen.

In another train of thoughts, today I went on a casual and delightful stroll in the park, just so I can relax after the first week of school, which was not (obviously) pleasant – what a surprise!

Outfit of the day

Pants – Orsay

T-shirt – Zara

Booties – H&M

Bag – Zara

Belt – H&M

Rings – Primark and Six

Sunglasses – Accessories











This photo would’ve been so good…if there wasn’t my sister.


 Till next time (that I hope will be sooner), yours