Cliche title about the benefits of a change

 Benefits of little changes? Well, I’d say the mere feeling that you’ve changed something. And it does feel good, I have to admit, but this hole “little changes go a long way” is… Continue reading

Casual stroll in the park and “Dead poets society”

I’m a little unable to write this post properly and that’s because I just finished watching “Dead poets society” and oh, boy… Didn’t it touch all my sensitive cords! I truly didn’t expect… Continue reading

Little black dress with a twist

One of my favourite things to do lately is going on a coffee with my friend (and “master”), Patris (@patriciabeykrat) – yes, this is a direct ode to you. I think. We have to… Continue reading

Museum blues

Since last autumn, the National Museum of Art of Romania has been a really big part of my life, through its volunteering program for teens, CADO (Consiliul Adolescentilor = Teens’ Council). CADO is the bond between… Continue reading

Sibiu getaway – day 3

 I have absolutely no idea what to write abot this last day, mainly because what we actually did was to eat, but instead I’m going to make a shout out to my travel… Continue reading

Sibiu getaway – Day 2 (part 2)

 One of the main reasons I was so excited about going to Sibiu was the perspective of a more autumnie weather. Autumn is my favourite season and I can’t express how annoying does… Continue reading

Sibiu getaway – Day 2 (part 1)

I have to say that Sibiu is one of my favourite cities in Romania, right next to Sighișoara and Cluj. It bursts with history and art (that rustic medieval architecture!), the streets are… Continue reading

Sibiu getaway – day 1

I was having a cup of coffee with my dear friend Alexandra, when it occurred to us – we’ve almost wasted our entire summer without doing anything spontaneous. So what was to do if not… Continue reading